Vertigo Artography is an innovative creative duo / art studio that combines the creative strength of an award-winning Creative Art Director and the artistic finesse of a seasoned Photographer. Beyond artistic excellence, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

We are about creating original thought provoking stories using multiple artistic mediums, whether it be photography, digital collage, sculpture or illustration. We create quirky, surreal, fun, edgy, sinister or dark with a humorous twist original art that appeals and resonates across a diverse global audience.

For Vertigo Artography, art is not just a visual delight but a powerful visual tool for change and awareness. Our original creations delve into pressing environmental concerns, telling stories of nature's beauty and fragility and communicating the impact of human actions. We are in the belief that our art has the potential to ignite conversations, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainability, highlighting and encouraging conscious choices.

Today our art can be found in galleries across the world alongside select ecommerce platforms, which is all thanks to our many supporters from the very beginning.